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Workshops, webinars, seminars and lectures in the UK and elsewhere


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Dates Location Title / Subject Information
2022 dates    
January 8/9 Online An informal check-in for those who have been following the "Twelve Holy Nights" retreat process

Click here to register.

See below and click through to the (many!) pages of instruction to help you do this retreat process yourself. [Dec 24 - Jan 6]

January 22 *** Online Chiron and the Centaurs

Hosted by the Astrological Society of Connecticut, USA.

Click here for information and to register.

May 28th Online Working with Your 8th House Planets

Hosted by Astrology University

Click here for information and to register.

19  - 26



Faculty of Astrological Studies annual Summer School

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and to download the full brochure.


Clock, St. Mary's Ottery. Photo: M. Reinhart 1999.


The Twelve Holy Nights

Dec 24th - Jan 6th, every year
An Astrological Retreat


At this time of year, the Earth makes its closest approach to the Sun. These holy-days are like a 'window out of time', an opportunity to release the old and welcome the new as we emerge to re-dedicate ourselves to our life.


The zodiac is a 'sacred circle' which surrounds the Earth. We approach it in this spirit, with imaginal and contemplative work, following the Zodiac Journey by focusing on one sign per day.

There is enough material on this link for you to engage with this beautiful process on your own, or with friends - click here.


For those who engage with this retreat process, there will be a small 'Check-in' group (attendee numbers limited), usually the first weekend in January after the process is complete. An opportunity to share and de-brief your experience.








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