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May you stay safe and well, protected from illness and deprivation of essential resources. Lots of people are suffering badly out there: let's support each other. None of us can 'fix the world', but we can do whatever we can do to help. Our 'tribes' (family, friends, including 'cyber-tribes') are more important than ever now ... gather them around you ... give thanks, ask and pray to be shown how you can help yourself and other folks, near or far...

(Think 'Aquarius'!)



The article below explores the Coronavirus phenomenon from the perspective of astrology, mythology, etymology and associative thinking, with some speculations, some numbers and a few factoids. Prompted by personal curiosity and the question "What is this?", I allowed my mind to wander and loosely tracked the journey of discovery which unrolled in front of me and behind me. Indeed, above and below me too. This record of my meanderings became a very large webpage, and if you are somewhere in 'lockdown' I hope you may find some hours of enjoyment while you browse it!


Astrologically, the current 'world cataclysm' is well symbolised by the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which was exact on January 12th 2020 ... the de-struction of 'old structures' in preparation for the incoming new personal identity and habits. Also, new societal structures. And the in-struction for relating to these 'new ways' while we are 'in transition'. It goes like this:



The apocalyptic tone of these two Titans resonating together is very apparent, and led me to recall their last conjunction, on November 8th 1982 at 27°35' of Libra. In the aftermath, my whole personal world broke down after a veritable cascade of personal loss. Being unable to process all the grief at once, I became seriously ill. I had already been researching Chiron since shortly after it was discovered in 1977, but it was this 'trail of disaster' (which is how it felt to me) that opened the door to a deeper understanding of the Chiron process. Indeed, I can truly say that recognising the 'Chiron story' that was unfolding in my life helped me through this time of "The Dark Night of the Soul". Looking back, I can see that this total breakdown invited me into what turned out to be my 'life work' - with Chiron and the Centaurs and the multi-dimensional reality that beckons from their realm.



Narrative Collapse


We are now living through a collapse of many of the narratives which have formed the basis of how the world has developed (and also not developed!) over the last few centuries. This is not the place to explore those in detail, as many writers and educators have focussed on this. But certainly, we can see the cherished 'Myth of Eternal Progess' getting stopped in its tracks. In a very short time, too! Now we see a 'crash and burn' process at work as 'the old' is getting destroyed. Radically so. But narratives - stories - are as essential to the Soul as food is to the Body. In the telling or the hearing, story helps us from the vantage point of 'now' to process experiences past. And to imagine, dream and create experiences of the future, portraying new values, ethics, and visions in whatever form is possible, and so 'seeding the future'. (See the film 'New Story'.)


If you are reading this, you will almost certainly be interested in astrology. How fortunate we are to be connected with this Sacred Mystery, which contains an astonishingly rich repository of 'world stories' held in and reflected by the Sky. Layers and layers of them, from diverse cultures, back to the very dawn of time. When things get difficult on Earth, a little beauty, meaning and order goes a long way. And astrology offers exactly this to those who are willing to listen, hear and explore ...


So I began to be curious about what the 'Chiron Story' might be, of 'these times' ...


The first thing I noticed was that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January was right inbetween the two final exact squares between Chiron and Pholus, the final one occurring on March 8th. I had been 'tracking' these squares since 2015, and was aware that the Pholus 'tagline' of "The Lid Comes Off" was taking real shape and form as the months went by ... sometimes shockingly so. I recalled that Pholus was almost called 'Chaos' when it was first discovered in 1992!



The Story of Pholus a.k.a. "The Lid Comes Off"

In the mythic story from the ancient Greek tradition, Pholus was the custodian of the sacred jar of wine of Dionysus - god of wine, inspiration and ecstasy. This jar was not supposed to be opened for four generations, and indeed this specific ancestral reference in the process of Pholus often manifests in surprisingly literal ways. Life-themes, gifts, obstacles and healing needs which show up in the present can sometimes be easily traced 'back down the line' to our forebears who may have suffered similarly, or who need us to 'hear and see their story'. So our inner work when Pholus may be about 'ancestral healing', whether or not we participate consciously in this dimension. For some beautiful wisdom on 'Ancestral Medicine' see the work of
Dr. Daniel Foor - here. And there is more about Pholus in my book "Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs"


Back to the story. When Hercules visited the cave of Pholus, he asked for wine with his meal. Pholus hesitated, as he did not own this wine - it belonged to all the centaurs. However, the jar was duly opened, and then Chaos broke out! The undifferentiated herd of nameless centaurs smelled the wine and began to storm the entrance to the cave of Pholus in order to get to it. A battle ensued, during which Hercules shot dead a number of centaurs, and in some versions, it was during this battle that Chiron was wounded. In astonishment, Pholus picked up one of the arrows of Hercules to see what made them so deadly. In fact, they were poisoned, having been dipped in the blood of the Hydra which Hercules had to overcome during one of his famous Labours. The arrow slipped from the hand of Pholus and dropped, piercing his foot. He died immediately from this poisoned wound.


In human terms, a Pholus process indicates a very rapid transition from one phase to another, leading to a feeling of shock and disorientation. A super-quick change in stage of life, situation, state of consciousness. Being swept along by something one did not expect, to where one knows not. The "Lid Comes Off"a situation previously contained, hidden or repressed. Feeling de-stabilized and having to find a new, more broadly-encompassing point of reference. Like now! A veritable 'metalogue' of Pholus.

Pholus was the son of Silenus, the 'Story-teller of the Gods' who was known to play 'fast and loose' with the truth in the interests of a good story! Does this remind you of anything? Maybe fake news ? ('Word of the Year' for 2017, just as Chiron-Pholus was getting in gear!)


Pholus was not a 'Wounded Healer' like Chiron. He was a diviner and seer, who would read the omens in order to advise the gods, heroes and mortals. So he is also associated with oracular speaking, and so with the 'bardic' spirit. The ancient role of the bard was one which held significant esteem and authority within traditional societies. He was the keeper of the history of the tribe and clan, knowing by heart the stories of the ancestors, and the creation myths which upheld the soul-world of the group. Indeed, this is still so in many parts of the world.


What creation stories uphold our world? The 'Big Bang'? Adam and Eve cast out of paradise as a result of their 'sin'? Hmm. Both lead to destruction, along linear lines - the cooling of our Sun, so that life cannot be sustained on Earth, or the Apocalypse as in the book of Revelations. Or human extinction as a result of climate change. Hmm. Maybe we need some new stories ... personally, I'd vote for a cyclic view. Astrology fits nicely in there - The 'Great Round' rather than the 'Straight Line'! In fact, even better, astrology is a 'both/and' perspective. We use the 'straight line' of clock time, but, crucially, it is informed by the cyclic time of the planetary cycles.


It is very common for people undergoing a strong activation of Pholus in their horoscope to get in touch with this. To learn about the stories of their ancestors, to speak with them inwardly, to study the history of where they came from, to make pilgrimages to ancestrally significant places, and so on. If we think of the current Pholus activation as a 'world-wide process', what happens in our concsiousness? Perhap the question of our deeper, species ancestry opens out and the question,"Where have we come from?" brings profound lines of enquiry that remind us that the human kingdom is not the only one. We live amidst the stars and the celestial realms as well as the animals, plants and planets, rocks and stones, water and fire, earth and the subterranean realms, down to 'The Smalls' in our own body - molecules, atoms, bacteria, microbes, microbiomes, and .... viruses ...


"Small cause, big effect" is a phrase coined by astrologer and researcher Robert von Heeren in relation to Pholus. Watch microbiologist and animist Dr. Siobhan Watkins in a stunning interiew with Dr. Daniel Foor, talking about 'The Smalls' - here.


Etymology and the 'VIR' story

(The connections between all the VIR words in caps below are associative and  imaginal, rather than wholly etymological in the orthodox sense. No disrespect intended to the noble discipline of etymology, but this intruiging 'word salad' is included as a portrayal of the 'story-teller' aspect of Pholus! Gratitude to Douglas Harper at for an enlightening conversation on this.)


VIR (Latin) translates to "man, hero, husband, soldier, individual", with
VIR-TUS (Latin) meaning 'excellence, worth, bravery, courage'

VIR-ILE (from the Latin, as above) strong, energetic, yang
VÏR-A (Sanskrit) denotes 'a heroic individual' (with nuance concerning 'overpowering') 
(Astrologically, we note the unmistakeble connection with the planet MARS!)


VIR-US. Playing 'fast and loose' with the etymology, we note that the word VIR-US (from a different Proto-Indo-European root) means 'poison, venom, slime, potent fluid'. The very opposite of VIR, explored above. Something which afflicts both humans and computers!

VIR-AL - spreading uncontrollably, like a virus. Disease, information, ideas, emotions ...!

CORONA (Latin) means 'crown, wreath of victory'. As in the Olympics, a Solar image. Remember the Sun's exaltation in Aries. The 'coronary arteries' surround the heart like a wreath or garland of protection.
The word 'crowning' is used for the moment when a baby's head first emerges from the birth canal. The crown chakra is above the top of the head, and represents the interface between the Divine and the Human ... our personal experience of Universality. Also there is a constellation named CORONA ... it sits between the forelegs of the Centaur Sagittarius!!


CORONIS - a goddess beloved of Apollo, the Sun god - the 'Sun connection' again - and also the bringer of plagues. While pregnant, Coronis commited adultery and Apollo was so angered that he instructed his sister Artemis to kill her. As her arrows flew, countless others were also killed. Apollo felt remorse and saved her still-enwombed child Asklepius, handing him over to the care of Chiron. In time, Chiron's foster-child Asklepius became a great healer connected with the chthonic mysteries learned in the cave of Chiron (who in turn had been fostered by Apollo).


In the story of Pholus, above, we can see both VIR (Hercules) and VIRUS (poison). Indeed, this thematic juxtaposition appears in several stories involving the centaurs: Chiron's poisoned wound, the poisoned arrow which struck Pholus, the poisoned blood of Nessus, made into a 'love potion' which indirectly resulted in the death of Hercules, who had previously collected the poison to help him against the 'Future Foes' he would meet during his epic Labours. What goes round comes round. Lots to reflect on there ...



Mars and Saturn tell their story ...


So is all this a reflection of the long-term consequences of the Mars principle (Chiron in Aries) running riot, out of control, being mis-used, and so becoming infectious and toxic? Invoking a chaotic (Pholus) and characteristically Saturnian response (Pholus in Capricorn)? So ... fear (Saturn) 'going VIRAL' (Mars). Quarantine, isolation, curtailment, hardship, interception of social habits ... and so on. Now being 'policed' in some countries. All very Saturnian. The HERMIT rules the day? Or perhaps shows the way?

The ruling planets of Aries and Capriorn are Mars and Saturn, traditionally the two 'malefics'. Here, definitely seeming so. What might we learn from this astrological pair that could remedy the energy of this 'chaotic disease' (Pholus-Chiron)? In the manner of homeopathy and of ancient treatises on medicine, we hear that
"like cures like". So how might we engage the energy of Mars and Saturn in a personal way that  protects our individual 'field of experience' from the collective 'infodemic'?

We recall that Capricorn is the sign of the exaltation of Mars. How intriguing is 'quarantine' in this regard! The negative expressions of the Mars principle in today's world are too obvious to need listing. But it's worth pondering the fact that this has been so for centuries, even millennia, and that everyone, whether male or female (of biological or chosen gender) has Mars in their horoscope! So, individually, how are we using this energy which has turned so sour in the collective?

Conflict (Mars) is all around at present, bringing an opportunity to choose carefully (Saturn) where we invest our Mars energy lest we get caught up in a maelstrom of negative polarization and chaos (inner or outer). Meanwhile, we can take heart from the HERMIT (Saturn),  entering into our inner sanctum while eliminating non-essentials from our life. This helps preserve our balance, strength and vitality (Mars) for times when we may be called upon to respond by taking action. The restraint (Saturn) of these energies can help us discern the difference between RE-ACTION (negative Mars) and ACTION (positive Mars), and can help regenerate what has perhaps become degenerate in our own life.



An Astrological Mandala of Mars-Saturn-Sun

here to see a beautiful mandala created by combining the orbits of Saturn and Mars, viewed from the Sun. Note the little five-pointed figure in the middle, reminding us of the orbit of Venus, whose orbit traces this very pattern! (See below for comparison - Mars-Saturn left, Venus-Sun right.)
AND Libra (ruled by Venus) is the sign of Saturn's exaltation - how marvellous!  Through Saturn, Mars connects with Venus? Indeed, it is so in the mythology, where it was said that Aphrodite (Venus) was the only one who could tame the battle-lust of Ares (Mars)!


And ... remember ... we actually live 'inside' these cosmic patterns. I've put this on my desktop to invite celestial protection (Mars-Saturn) and healing.


Mandalas by M. Reinhart 2020 (left) and 2005 (right)

Click here to download a folder of hi-res images of the Mars-Saturn image

Click here for the Venus gallery on this website, here for larger collection



The specific dates of when this long transit was exact are listed below ...


Chi Sqr Pholus 1 Jun 2017 28°Pi29' D 28°Sg29' R 

Chi Sqr Pholus 25 Sep 2017 26°Pi15' R 26°Sg15' D

Chi Sqr Pholus 5 May 2018 00°Ar56' D 00°Cp56' R

Chi Sqr Pholus 30 Oct 2018 28°Pi29' R 35°Sg35' D 

Chi Sqr Pholus 10 Apr 2019 02°Ar55' D 02°Cp55' R

Chi Sqr Pholus 8 Dec 2019 01°Ar26' R 01°Cp26' D

Chi Sqr Pholus 8 Mar 2020 04°Ar20' D 04°Cp20' D ......


Note that this final square remains within very close orb for many weeks, and includes the Nodal Axis in T-Square with Chiron. Around March 8th, the final square, this controversial 'whodunnit' video was posted. And see this report for a rather different view.



On 'the skids' ?


In the graph below (2015-2022), the green wavy line represents Chiron, and the black one is Pholus. Lines crossing each other repesent the exact squares, listed above. You can see the overall arc of the aspect, already approaching in 2015, and beginning to finally separate at the end of 2022. (A segue to Pluto's entry into Aquarius 2023/04?)


It's not difficult to find 'world events' which 'ping' at the points where the lines cross - like arrows shot by Hercules or the centaurs! In 2016, the lines skid together, but then separate. This, of course, was the still-controversial final phase of the US elections which brought Donald Trump to power. A closer look at that period of time reveals that this 'skid' was already underway when the referendum was held on June 23rd in the UK, on the decision of "To Brexit or not to Brexit", to mis-quote Hamlet!


The long 'skid' of indecision concluded (sort of!) at the end of January 2020, when Britan 'officially' left the EU ... less than five weeks before the final Chiron-Pholus square, with the world teetering on the edge of a PAN-demic! This certainly changes the game of endless and often vitriolic 'negotiations' between the UK and the EU! Or does it? Now it seems like most of the world is 'on the skids'. Note the long 'skid' between December 2019 and April 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic was first escalating.


During the period of the Chiron-Pholus squares, the #MeToo movement has been emblematic of a process which has seen the smashing of many 'cultural idols' - Harvey Weinstein, Michael Jackson and a great many other 'well-knowns', or celebrities with connections to various nefarious activities, or who have clandestinely been indulging in harmful acts verging on the unspeakable. But true to Pholus and his tagline, the 'lid has been truly coming off'. And it ain't over!



Speaking of Pan ...


The prefix 'PAN-' means 'ALL'. For example, the Pan-African Congress works with issues that concern ALL of Africa, historical and contemporary. Panam - an airline for ALL of America. Pantheism sees God at work in ALL things. And so on ...


Read the Orphic Hymn to PAN, to whom we may perhaps direct our prayers in these times of

PAN-ic, PAN-demic, PAN-demonium, PAN-tomime ...


The god PAN was something of a 'household god' in ancient Greece, and may be considered as a universal, transcendent force of Nature. Perhaps we could think of him as portraying the etheric forces of the Earth which connect the world of matter and form to the spiritual world. The subtle energies of plants big and small, animals, rocks ... are an essential dimension of their capacity to offer healing to us humans. In the 'chemicalisation' and 'industrialisation' of medicine, this precious spiritual essence may be lost, and instead may even turn toxic. (Witness the staggering statistics of deaths through iatrogenic disease, worldwide.)


His figure is half-animal and half-divine (in contrast to centaurs, who are half-animal and half-human). Note that his father was sometimes said to be none other than Hermes! So here we have the 'Four Generations' theme mentioned above in connection with Pholus.
It goes like this:

PHOLUS son of SILENUS, son of PAN, son of HERMES


We read in the Homeric Hymns of the birth of Pan, a "noisy, merry-laughing child" whose mother, a wood-nymph and daughter of Dryops, abandoned him in horror on seeing his goat feet and horns. (Similar to the story of Chiron!) However, his loving father Hermes gathered him up and "hidden in the thick skins of mountain hares" presented him to the gods and goddesses of Olympus, the abode of the Immortals, who named him PAN because he so delighted ALL of them with his outrageous form and charming laughter! He came to be known as a fierce hunter and also a nimble dancer; he took delight in playfulness, humour and 'riot'.


There is a famous anecdote from Plutarch's Moralia in which the captain of a ship, in response to an 'unseen voice' shouted out "Great Pan is dead!" whereupon a great lamentation went up amongst the people. This story was taken by Christians of the time (c600AD) to indicate the final subduing of the Pagan world, and thenceforth Pan became equated with the Devil. However, the presence of Pan has continued to inspire the artists, writers and poets of later ages, notably the Renaissance, the Romantics and more recently, in the field of archetypal psychology, the work of James Hillman and Rafael Lopez-Pedrasta.


Read Brian Clark's poignant and beautiful essay on "Pan and the Pandemic"



The Story of Chiron at Aphelion ...


Note how the 'designation' of the current Coronavirus keeps changing! For example, originally nCOV, then SARS-CoV-2 and now COVID-19 (the latter being 'shorthand' for the disease rather than the name of the virus itself). Does this remind you of anything? Chiron of course! 

When Chiron was first discovered between Saturn and Uranus, nobody knew what kind of object it was, so it received the 'temporary ID' of 'planetoid'. This means 'planet-like'. And the Greek origins of the word 'planet' translate to 'The Wanderer'. So Chiron is perhaps the 'Wanderer Among Wanderers'.

Interestingly, Chiron was subsequently re-categorized several times, and retains all of the 'labels':

Planetoid = ''Wanderer"
1977UB = provisonal designation on discovery
2060 Chiron = asteroid name
95P/Chiron = comet name
Centaur = sub-category of KBOs (Kuiper Belt Objects)

So what is it?

Perhaps this 'un-pin-down-able' quality is the best hint, for the 'hoof-prints' of Chiron can be most clearly seen in the mysterious process of our own healing and awakening, sometimes  precipitated by illness and suffering. This is both deeply personal, and yet also part of 'Something Much Bigger'. Just as Chiron connects the orbits of Uranus and Saturn, so he guards this threshold ... between the personal (inside Saturn's orbit) and the transpersonal realms (outside Saturn's orbit). Chiron passes through the orbital pathway of Saturn and goes way out close to the orbital pathway of Uranus - a very evocative movement! How would you understand this?


  • Moving between the old and the new, the known and the unknown?
  • Significance for the sign of Aquarius (ruled by Saturn and Uranus)?
  • Breaking up of the old and the suffering that this can entail?
  • Introducing and integrating the new?
  • Connecting the visible world with the invisible world?

Chiron is now travelling towards aphelion, which it will reach on 27th May 2021, at approximately 11°55' Aries, passing that degree area no fewer than 7 times between the December Solstice 2020 (to add to all the other exciting stuff happening around that time!) and March 2023, when Pluto makes it's first ingress into Aquarius. 'Perihelion' is the point in a planet's orbit where it is closest to the Sun - Chiron was there in 1995. 'Aphelion' is the point furthest away from the Sun, when it is 'far out' (physically, and in the vernacular)!


The cycle of Chiron is about 50.7 years long, so using the round figure of 50, it is easy to look back into history to see what was happening back then, and how it relates to now. So a 'Centenary' is roughly 2 x Chiron Returns. AND ... we see that the current pandemic is happening on the 2nd Chiron Return of the outbreak of 'Spanish Flu' (1918-20), just as WWI ended, with an estimated 50>100,000 deaths. So a powerful 'collective memory'. (For information on the personal process of the Chiron Return, click here.)


On an individual level, this 'aphelion process' has rich symbolism:


  • Chiron (at personal ego level) in maximum fear reaction and desperation at the felt disconnection and isolation from The Whole. (Saturn - the past occludes the present.)
  • Chiron (on the journey of awakening to our true individuality) receiving  intimations of  the luminous reality of the spiritual Whole of which we are always part and in which we belong. (Uranus - new perceptions revealed.)
  • Chiron bridges the apparent gap between these two, encouraging us in compassion to abide with and work through the suffering which arises as we confront our afflictions and biographical occlusions (Saturn) ... and also encourages us to honour the healing potential and awakening (Uranus) which is incoming.
  • Making 'personal' the transpersonal realms and also seeing the 'impersonality' of our life process.
  • Capacity to 'hold' these potentially conflictual opposites with inclusion rather than splitting them into an embattled 'either/or'.
  • Aries: here, in addition to 'The Heroic' which is evoked in crisis situations, Chiron in Aries denotes the 'Spiritual Warrior' who knows the value of 'invisible' inner work. Confronting our 'demons', healing past suffering through forgiveness and redemption, honouring our ancestors and humbly requesting their protection. Linking prayerfully with others and with Source.



To the Edge and Beyond ...


This phrase is the original title under which my material on the Centaurs Nessus and Pholus was published in 1996 by CPA Press. It was changed to "Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs" as the publisher thought that the original title did not give potential readers any idea of what the book was about. Definitely true! But I really liked the phrase "To the Edge and Beyond", so when Starwalker Press issued the revised version in 2011, it was added back in as the subtitle.


In 1992, New Scientist magazine announced the discovery of the Kuiper Belt, calling it "the pristine remains of the origins of the Solar System", and proposing that this was where Chiron had originated, along with numerous objects for which a new sub-category of celestial objects was created - the Centaurs!


In 2020, New Scientist declared "Ancient viruses buried in our DNA may re-awaken and cause illness" - here. Reminds me of the 'folk story' about the 'Curse of Tutenkhamun's tomb' - here. In 2018, a patent for coronavids (not the current strain, they say) was granted to the Pirbright Institute (UK) whose benefactors include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 'Patenting' the coronavirus? Not for the first time ... in 2004, the Chiron Corporation filed patent WO2004092360A2 for the SARS coronavirus (Swine Flu). A very murky trail accompanied the eventual demise of the Chiron Corporation, and their early activities (MMR vaccine) were controversial enough to evoke the bombing of their offices.


Viruses have been described as "organisms at the edge of life" (Wikipedia) ...


Click here to read some passages from the work of Rudolf Steiner, on bacteria and comets...



The Pluto Story


Significant is the fact that Pluto, having been 'de-moted' from planet status, is now the 'King of the Kuiper Belt', perhaps still the most well-known 'dweller on the edge'. (See the Pluto section on this website). The Centaurs are said to have been drawn in to our Solar System by the gravitational pull of Neptune. The connection between the Centaurs and Pluto is an obvious one: they all cross over the orbits of at least one of the classical planets; their orbital paths are very elliptical and steeply inclined to the Ecliptic. We might say that the Centaurs are the emissaries, messengers or escapees from the Underworld.


The Greek Underworld consisted of many different terrains, ranging from the bliss of the Elysian Fields to the horror of places of torment. Working with the Centaurs, we can sense immediately the 'Pluto Connection'. It is as if they 'light the way' for us during times of suffering and loss in times of 'Descent' when we are called by the Underworld Mysteries. So instead of fleeing from the whole dark world of Hades/Pluto, we may trust the process and to turn and meet it - gently, gently, one step at a time, with the help of the Centaurs.


Chiron's form - half animal and half human - tells us that in his very form and being those two realms co-exist. The wound he sustained was healed once Chiron gave up his demi-god status and in compassion freed Prometheus from his suffering. Chiron was then immortalised in the constellation of Centaurus, whose major star Alpha Centauri, in his front left hoof, is the closest star to us, on Earth.


Source unknown. Note: Dieter Koch has pointed out that this iconography
might refer to Pholus, as 'haruspex', whose divinations were performed
using the entrails of a ritually sacrificed animal.


Some ephemerides for Chiron only begin at about 750AD, making earlier periods impossible to research. It's my understanding that its obit was too chaotic and unpredictable before then for accurate calculations to be possible. There is also speculation that Chiron will one day leave our Solar System, like a comet. Indeed, Chiron was briefy categorised as a comet in about 1989, when it seemed to brighten and develop a 'tail'. Although this categorisation was not finally adopted, his 'comet nomenclature' remained - 95P/Chiron.


Consider Elizabeth Vreede's beautiful study of the spiritual nature of comets here. Might it be possible that Chiron (and the Centaurs) act in a similar way to comets? Being visitors to our Solar System, but staying longer in their elliptal orbits, steeply inclined to the ecliptic ... in order to undertake similar work? The revealing of 'poison and toxins', personal, ancestral and historical, so that these may be healed by whatever means are appropriate to the affliction: being dissolved and transformed in compassion and/or a change in consciousness, or purged out physically when necessary, or healed by prayer and divine intervention. The ways of healing are manifold but however varied, all healing effect comes from the Unknowable Source of Healing which some say radiates through the human heart.


May it be so.





Acknowledgements and Bibliography


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