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Calendar of Events

Workshops, seminars and lectures in the UK and elsewhere

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All events marked *** are daylong workshops.

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Dates Location Title / Subject Information
2017 dates      
October 15th - November 1st Portugal

The Astrology of Consiousness

The Path - Awakening to Light

First week: Melanie with Alan Oken. Second week: Alan alone.

For more information or to register for either or both weeks, click here.


2018 dates    
24th February

Your computer


Moon passages: The Lunar Cycle

A Faculty of Astrological Studies Online Seminar.

(15.00 -16.30 UK time. Click here to convert this to your timezone.)

Details on this page.

March 11th *** London The Signs of the Zodiac and the Fixed Stars. SAGITTARIUS and PISCES

A Faculty of Astrological Studies Day Seminar.

Details on this page.


April 13th



All Road Lead to Capricorn:

Saturn, Pluto Chariklo

Details on this page. A look at the MInor Planet Chariklo (wife of Chiron in the Greek mythology) and her role in the upoming conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January 2020.

April 21-22


Barcelona Chiron and the Healing Journey
(weekend, with translation into Spanish)
Click here for details
June 16th *** Brighton, UK Chiron and the Centaurs Hosted by the Brighton and Hove Astrology Circle. Full details TBA nearer the time on their website.

July 14-15


London, UK

The Centaurs in the Light of Ancestral Healing

with Dick van der Mark, hosted by the London School of Astrology.

( Places are limited, so book early.)

Details are also here. And here.

August 20-24

(23rd all day ***)

Oxford, UK Faculty of Astrological Studies Summer School

Click here for information on the Faculty's website

Click here for details of my contributions ... on August 23rd, I'll be doing 4 consecutive sessions on Chiron and the Centaurs. This is like a whole day workshop. That evening is the special Gala Dinner celebrating the Faculty's 70th birthday!


Clock, St. Mary's Ottery. Photo: M. Reinhart 1999.


The Twelve Holy Nights

An Astrological Retreat

December 24th - January 6th, every year


At this time of year, the Earth makes its closest approach to the Sun.
These holy-days are like a 'window out of time', providing an opportunity to release the old and welcome the new

as we re-dedicate ourselves to our life.


The zodiac is the 'sacred circle' which surrounds the Earth,
and we approach it in this spirit, with imaginal and contemplative work.

There is enough material on the link below for you to

engage with this beautiful process on your own, in any year ...

Click here for more information


(previous group experience 2011-2012 - click here)



















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