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4.10.2019 - notes on my availability:


  • New clients:
    • With regret, my practice is closed to new clients at present.
    • Please check back in a few months.
  • Returning clients (given priority):
    • For general availability, scroll down or click here.
    • Email me for a detailed calendar.
    • Cancellations do happen, so let me know if you can be available at short notice (and include your phone number(s).
  • Sessions are only offered by Skype or phone.



About Astrology


"We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust"

Jelalludin Rumi, 12th century Sufi mystical poet..


The night skies through which the planets appear to wander have long inspired humanity, relating us directly to the mystery of the cosmos we inhabit. The movement of the planets provides us with a unique set of ordered cycles in which are embedded the life processes of our body and soul. Knowledge about the various celestial bodies is translated by the astrologer into information both literal and symbolic. This serves a variety of purposes on different levels: practical, psychological or spiritual.

Both scientists and mystics alike have recognised that we live in a universe where everything is inter-dependent and interconnected. This being so, we are not 'fated' by influences from 'above', but rather we participate in the patterns which express the sacred unfolding of Life itself. Astrology maps this, helping us to understand our lives within a cosmic perspective, which is in turn as intimate as the very cells of our bodies. We learn to attune more wisely to the cycles and seasons of the planets, and thus experience the physical and spiritual benefits of living in harmony with the natural celestial cycles.

Drawing as it does on mankind's accumulated and profoundly mytho-poetic perceptions of the cosmos we inhabit, astrology offers a potent language of human experience that is both deeply symbolic and universal, and at the same time intimate, personal and practical. Astrology is the living core of our legacy from the ancient wisdom traditions ... an applied technology of the sacred. Down the ages every culture on the planet has turned for guidance, inner and outer, to some form of 'star-lore'. Today that preoccupation is highly technological and spectacular though this is, it is not the only way to relate to the cosmos.

  • Your birth chart reflects and describes the unique qualities of essence rooted deep in your being, which seek inner acknowledgment and perhaps outer expression in life. In this sense, it directly reflects what your life is about, and why you are here.
  • It also indicates where and how this process may be impeded, locating your difficulties and clarifying your innate resources and gifts.
  • The outworking of these developmental soul-themes is indicated by the movement of the planets, through 'progressions' and 'transits', which represent both our challenges and our moments of Grace:
    • Transits describe the nature and duration of both outer changes and inner processes of transformation, and give clues as to how best to work with them.
    • Transits offer a 'cosmic weather report' which enables us to make more informed decisions which support us in the experience of living in harmony with the cosmic cycles.
    • Intuitive study of the current planetary patterns also reveals their inner meaning and symbolism, offering a rich and subtle language of human experience.
  • There is divinatory tradition within astrology, called 'Horary' (from the Latin word 'hora', meaning 'hour' or 'time'). Using this technique, it is sometimes possible to approach specific questions and issues in a precise and detailed way, finding out whether our intentions are favourably aligned with 'the times'. Click here for more information.
  • Readings provide ample space for participation, questions and dialogue. If you are someone who enjoys talking about your process, and about 'soul matters', or if there are specific and detailed situations you wish to discuss at length, a longer session (90 min) may be more suitable for you. Shorter readings (60 minutes) are usually sufficient for conveying basic information, to explore a single pressing question, or for following up on a previous longer reading.

 "An Astrologer consults the Heavens" - Robert Fludd (1574-1637)
Utriusque cosmi historia Vol. II

Consultations are offered by phone or Skype only

Essential information is below

Click here for more detail

The calendar below shows when, where and how I'm available for readings.

'Live' sessions are not available until further notice, unless otherwise stated.


BOOKING (See note at the top of the page)

At present, readings are not available for new clients, and for returning clients

the waiting list is usually several weeks, unless a cancellation becomes available.

If you would prefer a consultation sooner than I can offer, please contact one of my colleagues located in the UK or USA, who also offer 'distance' work for those

who live elsewhere.

Darby Costello UK, Cat Cox UK,

Mary Plumb USA, Vicky Maloney UK,
Carole Taylor UK (carole.taylor @ astrology. org.uk)

Stevi Gaydon UK (stevigaydon1 @ gmail.com)

Deborah Morgan UK (deborah.morgan @ astrology.org.uk)

(specialist in rectification)



Blank spaces indicate no availability or fully booked

Unless otherwise stated, all sessions are done in or from the UK.

[TBC = 'to be confirmed'     TBA = 'to be announced']


The calendar below indicates availability

for established clients only.

October Fully booked
November Booking (returning clients only)
December TBA
January TBA
February TBA
March TBA

  • Bookings: contact me by Email for a detailed calendar - enquiries@melaniereinhart.com
  • New clients: I will ask you to complete an 'info form' which enables me to keep all your details in one place.
  • Accurate birth time is needed: click here if you do not know it. Contact Deborah Morgan for rectification.
  • Venue: 'Live' personal consultations are not available until further notice.
  • Phone or Skype readings:
    • Skype (without video): melanie.reinhart
    • Free phone calls: to landlines, most countries. Surcharge in some locations.
  • Fees:

    First reading: £195.00 (one chart only, 90min session)

    All follow-up sessions: £110 per hour (one chart only, revisit within 2 years)

    Extra charts: £30-£60 per person (depending on work required)

    Pre-payment is requested: Paypal, personal cheque or bank transfer in UK£ Sterling ONLY

    Email link for Paypal or Credit Card payments: provided on request

  • Recordings:
    • Free MP3 digital recording for download via secure weblink which is 'live' for 28 days
    • CDs and Audio Cassettes - not offered
  • Cancellations: 48 hours notice, or the full fee is payable unless I can offer your session to someone else.


Click here to read more detailed information about consultations

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