Summer School 2018
August 20 - 24th

Exeter College, Oxford, UK

                                                                                                                                   Tutor: Melanie Reinhart


Astrology in Action

Track 2: Ancient and Modern – Techniques for Astrological Practice

4 teaching sessions of 90 minutes each


Thursday August 23rd:

Session 11:

Introducing the Centaurs: Pholus and Nessus

Since 1992, many objects similar to Chiron have been discovered in the Kuiper Belt which surrounds the Solar System beyond Neptune. We explore the symbolism of this sub-category of objects now officially named ‘Centaurs’, often evoking trans-generational themes, as shown in the horoscopes of the royal family. Ephemerides will be made available.


Session 12:

Saturn, Pluto and Chariklo

On 15.2.1997, the Centaur Chariklo was discovered. Currently in Capricorn, we find Chariklo closely involved with the forthcoming conjunction of Saturn and Pluto (12.1.2020) and its prelude through 2019. In mythology, Chariklo is the wife of Chiron: we take this opportunity to explore her story; we allow our imagination to attune with and develop her resonance and possibilities. Ephemerides will be made available.


Session 13:

Chiron in Aries – The Wounded Warrior?

Chiron entered Aries on 17.4.2018, where it will spend nine years, reaching aphelion in 2021. What might this transit reveal in the collective and the individual? We explore Chiron in Aries as representing the Hero-Healer, the Wounded Warrior and the Warrior-Bodhisattva. Focusing on polarities such as courage/fear, passion/rejection, will/wilfulness, we consider the question “What kind of Warrior is this?”


Session 14:

Chiron – A Guided Imagery

A personal, imaginal journey to connect with Chiron and to invite healing. Melanie will guide an inner exercise, after which there will be time to share, discuss and process the experience in the light of your own horoscope and your life.



Morning Planet Meditations
Daily from Monday 20th to Friday 24th: 07.30 – 08.00am

Silent meditations, with a reading of the Orphic Hymn celebrating the planet of each day.



Afternoon Meditation

Wednesday 22nd August, 2.30 – 3.30pm